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Gas Analyzers

Advanced Instruments Inc
Advanced Instruments, a division within Analytical Industries Inc. was formed in 1997 to concentrate in the manufacturing of analytical instrumentation utilizing Analytical Industries innovative sensor design that addresses the critical issues of quality, reliability, and flexibility. Operating from a 20,000 square foot facility, an expanding labor force performs 100% of the assembly and testing in-house.
 As a result Analytical Industries Inc. and Advanced Instruments are positioned to supply advanced electrochemical oxygen sensors, gas analyzers, and complete sample systems to the market.

Gas Purifier

In 1996, NuPure Corporation was founded, with the charter of being the leading supplier of Gas Purifiers to the Analytical Industry. By the end of 1997, NuPure had expanded it's product offering by taking over, under license, the complete line of Gas Purifiers and Particle Filters, from UltraPure™ Systems Inc., of Colorado Springs, CO, USA. During 1998 - 2001, we added to our technological strengths by exclusively licensing five new patents for gas purification. In 2002, we internally developed several new designs of purifiers especially for new Optics applications, with verified PPT-level performance.

Gas Analysis Accessories
Tiger Optics
Six years ago Tiger Optics introduced the world’s first commercial “Continuous Wave-Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy” (CW-CRDS) analyzer. Hundreds of these robust units are now in service around the world, from the most demanding standards applications (7 national labs and counting) to the world’s largest semi fabs, gas manufacturers, chemical companies – all using Tigers to monitor their most sensitive processes.
Gas Moisture Analyzers

Since 1948, MEECO has produced durable, high-quality gas analyzers for industry. Chief among our customers are semiconductor manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as natural and industrial gas producers andutilities, and chemical and petrochemical companies. The electrolytic method is presently MEECO's core technology.

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