About Us

      Quest Technology is a one-stop solution provider in the field of
Micro-contamination£¬ESD control and monitoring. We are partners with
many market leaders for state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation as
their distributor in China and Asia region. Our focus is in the Semiconductor,
Micro-electronics , Data Storage,Pharmaceutical, LCD,
Biological and R&D industry.

      Quest is also the first Asian company to be accredited as
a NEBB Certified third party Cleanroom Performance Testing
firm. Our services include Cleanroom Performance Certification/Commissioning, HVAC System Testing, Adjusting & Balancing, Clean Air Devices Commissioning & Testing, CDA & Gas Line Testing, Microbial Testing, Duct Leakage Testing , IAQ Testing as well as ESD Audit.

      In addition, Quest can customize, install and service Clean Air Devices
such as Laminar Floor Hoods and Clean Benches.


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